Congratulations on finding our website! You tried harder than Sunny did. We hope you find us easy to navigate. Please let us know what you think, we love to hear from you! Keep an eye on our events page to keep up to date with which cons we’ll be appearing at. If you’re a cosplayer and we’ve met at the cons before, check out our archives and see if your picture is there! (Sunny did not approve this message because he didn’t bother to read it.)


Sunny is currently taking commissions! Please email us with what you would like to see Sunny doing (ex: playing soccer, cooking, eating a certain type of food) and we will get back to you to discuss details, pricing, and what format you would like to receive the finished product in. We ask that you please keep the requests PG and be specific about what you would like.

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About Sunny

Anime and video game “enthusiast”

Founding (and only) member of the Anti-Social Social Club [currently not accepting new members]


I enjoy short walks to the kitchen, long nights online, and I have so many dreams that I’m hardly ever awake.

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